Friday, August 13, 2010

Lots of Hats to Wear!

It's really weird... For a long while, I just played with game making as a hobby and it was fun. I never finished anything because as long as something isn't finished, the ideas and possibilities still exist, but once it is, it's either great or it's not, and no amount of imagination will fix it without some actual action (any of you who have done anything in any sort of artistic way will understand I'm sure!). It's so weird to finish a development cycle though! You start off, so excited by what may come... Get the ideas together, build it into awesomeness, and then... All over again! No more "all that's left is these little few checkpoints", oh no, now it's "what's next?"

And I've noticed this is particularly odd when changing between doing different things. For example, after getting TruHangman into testing, I had to develop some websites. Not really that different on the surface - some stages in line to finish a project, involving coding and some art - but entirely different in execution! Now that that's done, going back to game development is just plain outright craziness! Make a Story is nearly ready for testing, and anyone on the mailing list will get a link here within the next week or two. The project after this one, Million Dollar Words, is the first one to be a bit more unique though, I think you'll all enjoy the humor in that one a lot :)

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