Sunday, August 22, 2010

LD 18 Checklist to Completion

Copying this from a previous post so that I know where I stand on everything. Will post times as I go. 10 hours left!


1) Move Rubberman - DONE
2) Enemies Shoot - DONE (12:00)
3) Enemy fire damages innocents - DONE (12:27)
4) Enemy fire bounces back toward random insulter when hitting player and causes them to attack nearest insulter, destroying them both. If only the one insulter is left, he simply runs away. - DONE but changed a bit...
5) Game Over possibility (12:27)
6) Level Success possibility (12:31)
7) Create additional levels
8) Create menus (5:30)
a) Main Menu
b) About LD
c) Game Over
d) Game Win!
9) Additional touches where possible:
a) Display actual insults when they strike
b) Compliments
c) Power Ups?
d) A map and fuller story?

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