Sunday, February 10, 2013

Newgrounds Five: Dragon Platforming, Turn-Based Strategy with Cute Animals

*Note: The Newgrounds Five is a summary of all the awesome games I find playing five Newgrounds games most days. I don't play with the audio on, so you won't find any comments regarding it!*

Rated Everyone!
Genre: Platforming
Play Time: About 45-60 mins

I love when I can find a game in the "Under Judgement" that I want to rate well, it makes me feel good about myself! Dragoniada is a platforming game where you play as a dragon who fell from his/her mother's nest and has to climb back up. You jump, shoot fireballs and move; no power-ups, no leveling up, just simple fun that does what it does well!

The game sure starts out simple enough, but as you progress through levels they get much more challenging, but it never feels cheap (except those bats, although I think that's more because I'm not good at being patient with enemies!). There's also a boss to battle about half-way through, and although there are no power-ups, you definitely have to keep an eye out for green potions (extra lives) and blue potions (fireballs, 10 each) and, about half-way in, red potions (extra-powerful fireballs, 10 each as well).

Oh, and by the way... You'll be VERY happy to know that, if you happen to lose all of your lives, you'll restart the current level with 5 lives again. It's very smooth (trust me, I'd know!)

"Monster Tap Proto"
Rated Everyone!
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Play Time: 5-30 mins, depending on luck and how good you are ;)

From what I gather, this is a playable prototype for a bigger game called Somebody Help Me (in fact, if you check the game out, at the time of writing they're looking for possible beta testers for the future!)

There are no instructions whatsoever, but after a couple plays I've figured out the following:

  • All four of the animals on the screen at first are on the same team.
  • Enemies appear from the buildings around the outside.
  • If you hit an enemy and it doesn't die, it goes back a space (if it can). If you kill it, it turns into a tombstone that you can "attack" again to get EXP, which is very very vital for later enemies!
  • STAY TOGETHER!! You can heal each other, and even revive!
  • If you can kill an enemy and leave a tombstone in front of one of the areas the enemies come from, they'll be stuck!
The game really is a blast, and if you can last through enough rounds you get... "Bronze, Silver or Gold", but I have no idea what that is because around 40 or so all the enemies were defeated and nothing else appeared. A fun little prototype play experience, though!


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