Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013 Recap

So, January is down, and there are still 11 more awesome months in the year. Jan 2013 was the first year I really tracked some very important things... So, how did it go?


I spent half of the month sick, and as I was getting better I got to working on a Hangman game, since I wasn't up to working on Rubberkid yet. I figured I could do the Hangman game quickly, but it ended up becoming a lot more than expected... 100 movies with over 1,000 total phrases, each with a hint and a fun fact, takes a LOT of time to do!!!

The 25th - 27th were the #1GAMCRUNCH, for which I made Escape from the Afterlife, which I was very proud of! It's another game that I want to do more work on, though, so we'll see how that goes when I do. :)

After that, I got back to working on Hangman, which still has an estimated week and a half to two and a half weeks of work left.

Goal Results

Weight Loss: Six pounds lost out of my goal of 12. Pretty good for not exercising yet and being sick most of the month, though!

Social Media (Twitter/FB): Did WAY better than I was aiming for with Twitter, but failed with Facebook. Facebook is WAY harder to get new fans with than Twitter is to get new followers...

Email Newsletter Subscribers: I managed to get my goal with the Minion Inquirer, didn't miss the Critterville Times (the main one) by much :)

Website Visitors: Not too good, but then, I wasn't doing much to drive visitors either (outside of making Escape from the Afterlife)

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