Thursday, September 30, 2010

Make a Story, New Author!

Make a Story has received its first contribution by Angel, my fiancee! She has written a story called "The Brave BLANK" and it gets her into the game as an author and contributor! Another story has been added as well, making it 11 total - over a bookshelf and a half! With your help, maybe we can round out a second one before the game releases on Oct 3rd!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make a Story Launch Oct 3rd!

Since the game was sent around to newsletter subscribers and those of you who read this blog, it's gone through a bit of testing, and now on OCTOBER 3RD, 2010 at noon (eastern time), Make a Story will be launched across the internet! I'm going to spend the day promoting it everywhere, starting with MochiAds and Newgrounds. If you wish to submit a story to the game before then, please do so! It'll be there for thousands and thousands of people to see, read and play with your name right on it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Critterverse is on Facebook!

The Critterverse now has its own Facebook page! Check it out! Click on the little "Like" button at the top to show your love and your uberawesomeness :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Million Dollar Words: A Teaser!

Here's a quick little teaser of some sample quiz titles and the artwork for the game. Comments, questions and anything else are always welcome and appreciated!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Make a Story is Complete!

9 stories, 50+ random categories and all kinds of fun! Make your own stories just like Mad Libs, but with much more specific terms such as "D&D style treasure", "your favorite food", "crazy verb, present tense" and more! Explore the legends of The Critterverse, or just make silly stories! And you can even write your own stories to be submitted, then receive credit!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Goal Results

So how did August go? Aside from being crazy hot you mean? Alright...


Get Make a Story into Testing (15th is goal 1, 19th is goal 2, 22nd is goal 3)
So, did you enjoy Make a Story? What do you mean you haven't played it yet? Oh yeah, because it didn't reach test yet! It'll definitely be in this month's goals...

Get Million Dollar Words into Testing (31st is goal 1)
Since Make a Story didn't make it, Million Dollar Words sure didn't! It'll also be in this month's goals...

*** As a bonus, The Adventures of Rubberman was conceived and is near demo stage, after being entered into the Ludum Dare Jam! ***


Attain Fitness Personal Points (140 is goal 1, 125 is goal 2, 100 is goal 3)
I hit about 80 or so...

Hit Target Weight (252.4 - 4 lbs down is goal 1, 249.9 - 6.5 lbs down is goal 2, 246.4 - 10 lbs down is goal 3)
248.7, goal 2 hit, woohoo!!!!


Launch and redo (8th is goal 1, 12th is goal 2, 15th is goal 3)
Both done! 2nd goal.

Submissions received total (with 1 going into the month) (25 is goal 1, 15 is goal 2, 10 is goal 3)
Pfffft... Not a single one!

MochiAds total (gain $4 is goal 1, gain $3 is goal 2, gain $2 is goal 3)
$2.50 earned, goal 3!

Attain Promotional Points (140 is goal 1, 125 is goal 2, 100 is goal 3)
About 80...