Monday, February 7, 2011

ASCIIvader final Update: Complete!

So here is a link to the game! I realize I am posting this past midnight but I didn't start til 2, took numerous breaks and had it done before midnight, but had to upload to MochiAds :)

This is the 6 hour version (all work completed in under 6 hours, including concept and planning). Will make a better version at a later time: ASCIIvader 2 - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Square!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

ASCIIvader 18:15 Update: Enemies oh my!

Look out, those things are bouncy and they go all over the place! And they just keep coming, geez! How long can you survive? Need to make the timer and health work and make a game over screen, but that'd do it! Still plenty of time :)

ASCIIvader 16:22 Update - Squareface Moves!

Squareface now has four boundaries and can move around. Up next: Enemies! But first, a word from our sponsors - coffee drinks to be made and drank! And a movie to pick to watch...

ASCIIvader 16:03 Update - Squareface is Born!

And here is an image of you, the player, Squareface! My first piece of ascii art! The little plus thingy in the upper-left is from Flash, it's not a part of him.

15:50 update - Some Quickly Made Screens

Here are a couple quick screens for the game, had to do them quickly to get a real start on the game.

Self-Challenge: Game in a Day - ASCIIvader!

Over at the monthly challenge is ASCII. It's actually a very interesting one, and the idea there is to make a game in a week. I'm pushing myself even harder, I'm going to make this one in a day! I came up with a concept that should be doable - simply avoid bouncing pieces and the like as long as you can. Survive a level to move on. Beat all 10 levels and you rock! Don't, and... well... :)

The game is titled ASCIIvader! Get it? Plus it kinda looks like Vader, Darth Vader, so that should be a draw too. I'll be updating this blog as I go. Here goes nothin!