Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals

With January done, February gives me a clean slate, but with a whole bunch of awesomeness to work with.

Now, while I'm still only about half done with my Hangman game, the fact that it's taking so long makes me realize that I need to shift my focus. One of my worst habits in the past was finding a "more important" project in the middle of working on one, therefore never really finishing anything... Because of that, I always feel awful and resist as much as possible with shifting focus, and do it only when it's really important. I shifted to Hangman because I was still sick and needed a project I wouldn't ruin, and could easily work on... And now I need to shift back to Rubberkid because I ran a Kickstarter campaign (which was successful) and the estimated release was in February. I also need to get back to it because it's a much more important project, and it's quite close to done development-wise, really!

February Goals (Games to Develop)

  1. Finish Rubberkid and start seeking sponsors for the game.
  2. Complete the Hangman game as well, have it out seeking sponsors.
  3. Complete the #1GAMCRUNCH February challenge (22nd-24th) and have a game to show for that as well. Use it for the "one game a month"
February Goals (Other)
  1. When Rubberkid is done and seeking sponsors, send out the pledge rewards for the people that pledged on Kickstarter.
  2. Break even on the month (expenses/earnings)
  3. 300 Work Points (1 point is given per half hour of work... I am for 7.5 hours per day (15), times 20 days this month = 300)
  4. 1125 Critterverse Likes (+40)
  5. 950 followers on @TheCritterverse (+113)
  6. 850 followers on @CataclysmGames (+170)
  7. 185 Critterville Times Newsletter Subscribers (+13)
  8. 110 Minion Inquirer Newsletter Subscribers (+10)

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