Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Adventures of Rubberman!

So to make a game based on using enemies as a weapon, I've come up with (thanks to Angel and my mom, Dora) a game based on bouncing back various insults hurled. The player plays as Rubberman, one of SuperCritterMan's alter egos, who must run around the people he is trying to save as evil critters hurl insults at them, which are fired much like bullets. Rubberman must intercept these insults, which causes them to bounce to one of the other enemies around. Once one of the enemies gets insulted, it goes berzerk and attacks the one who initially sent out the insult, destroying them both. If an insult makes its way through to the innocent critters, their happiness will drop until they become so depressed they can't take any more and just go home.

Compliments will be flung as well, and if they reach the innocent critters, their happiness level will rise. This also causes them to thank the critter, thereby turning them kind ("They appreciated my compliment?"), which leads them to simply walk away from the insulting, done with being mean. If the compliments are deflected, it insults the complimenting critter, making them mad, calling a friend or two to help insult the innocent critters.

The goal of each round is to get rid of all the mean critters and make it onward. If the player beats a level, they get a bonus for the happiness of the remaining critters.

As far as more specific than that (level development, possible power ups?, etc.), I'm unsure yet. I will create a rough playable of this and see how it goes. 25.5 hours to go!

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