Sunday, August 22, 2010

LD 18: Now Jam, Not Compo

Ludum Dare has two different types... The competition is the 2 day event, whereas the jam is a 3 day event that is a bit more lax for its rules. I was really hoping to make competition (hence all the talk about 2 days of development), but due to several major bugs, I was unable to do so. Instead, I will be aiming for the jam, although the 24 extra hours doesn't really add too much development time for me. Here's how the next 24 hours goes for me:

10pm(now) - midnight or so: Enjoy my time with my Angel (since the whole rest of my day has been game development and all)

12am - 7:20am: SLEEP!
7:20am - 8:30pm: Work and work related stuff (get ready, drive to work, work, come home)

Leaves me with about an hour and a half of development time. But since there isn't much more to do with it, that should be enough time :) And I'm going to use this game as a demo for a fuller, deeper version as well!

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