Saturday, August 21, 2010

LD18 Progress, Slightly over Halfway

So the game concept has been pretty much solidified and a lot of the art made (although some may be changed later if time allows...). I've also gotten the engine to work for the most part. The overall pieces needed to make are:

1) Move Rubberman - DONE
2) Enemies Shoot - DONE (except it doesn't reset yet)
3) Enemy fire damages innocents
4) Enemy fire bounces back toward random insulter when hitting player and causes them to attack nearest insulter, destroying them both. If only the one insulter is left, he simply runs away.
5) Game Over possibility
6) Level Success possibility
7) Create additional levels
8) Create menus
9) Additional touches where possible:
a) Display actual insults when they strike
b) Compliments
c) Power Ups?
d) A map and fuller story?

Maybe some more stuff too... We'll see :)

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