Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventures of Rubberkid (GOALS) Oct 8-12 2012

I remembered yesterday how well I do when I'm challenged to do something - dares, fellow game developers all pushing to make a game in the same time (Ludum Dare and the like), any kind of competition really - and I realized that there really aren't any long-term challenges for small game developers. I have friends who make games, but most of them make HUGE games; that'd be like comparing my half-mile walk to a marathon runner...

Every day that I work, I use Evernote to track my goals for the day, and use it like a little journal... Which is fine, but it's not public. I figured that maybe if I make my goals much more public, I'll get behind them a bit more and really give every day my all! So here goes my first week of publicly declaring my goals! I'll give the whole week all in one blog post, and then post each night to show how it went.

Just a note: my goal is to start work each day by 11 and finish around 7. You'll notice that I go very late on Monday...

Monday, October 8th

With any luck, I'll get the menus completely done (aside from the credits), the intro comic and the intro level itself.

12:00     Set up the goals for the week and post the blog
1:00       Create the setup screen. Allow the player to choose whether they want to use the mouse or keyboard to play and print their dedication once it's done if they want. ( (1 hr)
3:00       Create the comic strip that shows Rubberkid, sick of being insulted, and convinces them to become Rubberkid. (2 hrs)
4:00       Give the player an empty classroom (create the normal classroom but with no desks) to play around in and learn the controls. The SPACE key or a click will let them begin the real game. (1 hr - includes coding in the controls)
5:00       Create the intro level. (1 hr)
6:30       Create the post-intro-level screen (special for the intro screen, since it leads to the ABC for the first time and has multiple helped critters). (1.5 hr)
8:30       Create the graphics and set it up (2 hrs)

Tuesday, October 9th

The Anti-Bullying Club will be set up, AND the first REAL level should be done too (the Chess Player)

1:00     Create the graphics for the ABC and set it up (2 hrs)
2:00     Once the art is done, set up a tutorial to show off what can be done in the ABC and describe it. (1 hr)
2:15     Each critter should be set there, but the ones who aren't helped yet should be set to invisible. (.25 hr)
3:15     Allow the player to click on or bump up to the saved critters and view their info. (1 hr)
4:15     Allow the player to go "out the door" by clicking it or bumping up to it. This should bring up the popup that displays the level select screen, which also needs to be created (1 hr)
6:15     The genius chess player in the classroom (2 hrs)

Wednesday, October 10th

Knocking out four more levels, bringing the grand total to 5 out of 8!

2:00     The wheelchair-ridden girl in the mall (3 hrs)
4:00     The purple critter in the lunchroom (2 hrs)
6:00     The Critter Crushing champion in the Critter Crushing fields. (2 hrs)
7:00     The learning-disabled critter at the whiteboard (whatever classrooms use now) (2 hrs) - START (only do an hour!)

Thursday, October 11th

Finishing the rest of the levels, the post-game comic and the post-game credits (not including the music/SFX credits of course) and therefore everything in the game except for replacing the art for the mall, bus and critter crushing fields and the audio! :)

12:00   The learning-disabled critter at the whiteboard (whatever classrooms use now) (2 hrs) - FINISH (Should be abour an hour)
1:00     The gay critters in the mall (1 hr)
2:00     The cheerleaders in the Critter Crushing fields (1 hr)
4:30     The hand-me-down clothing critter in the bus (2.5 hrs)
6:00     Create the post-game comic (Rubberkid and the other ABC members help rescue the whole school and convert the bullies!) (1.5 hr)
7:30     Create the post-game credits. Have it show the player's Dedication at the end with another chance to print. (1.5 hr)

Friday, October 12th

It's all about music today! Have to find music and SFX for the game; no specific deadlines since I know music and SFX hunting can't really be rushed...

Well, there it is... Wish me luck!

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  1. Good for you, seems like a doable schedule! Good luck!! Just know if you have to move things to another day, that is fine. :-)