Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12th, 2012 Goals (Redone!)

I'm redoing my goals for the day today to make them much more realistic! I can still get a lot done, and I still have gotten a good amount done this week really (especially with taking half a day off). I may not have actually knocked out the things I said I would, but I gave some horribly unrealistic goals toward the beginning especially. I forgot all about, you know, having to code everything off the bat!

I began this week with the save file select screen done; since then I've completed the setup screen (including figuring out how to print the certificate and customize it), created the preIntroLevel, the introLevel and coded most of the major functions of the game. I set up the popups (with the exception of the images for the critters I haven't gotten made yet) and coded them as well. Not too shabby for 3.5 days of work ;)

11:30   Blog

12:30   Create the graphics for the ABC and set it up. Make sure that unhelped critters show up as invisible (1 hr)
1:30     Once the art is done, set up a tutorial to show off what can be done in the ABC and describe it. (1 hr)
2:30     Allow the player to click on or bump up to the saved critters and view their info. (1 hr)
3:30     Allow the player to go "out the door" by clicking it or bumping up to it. This should bring up the popup that displays the level select screen, which also needs to be created (frowny with a red background pre-saved, smiley with a green background once saved) (1 hr)
5:30     (LEVEL ONE) The genius chess player in the classroom. Also make sure that once the player goes to use the level select popup again, that critter is shown as helped (2 hrs)
7:30     (LEVEL THREE) The learning-disabled critter at the whiteboard - the first timed level, but uses the same background graphics (2 hrs)

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