Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th Results

So, how did day 1 of publicly announcing goals and going for them go? Well... Good and bad...

On the UP side I managed to get a few things done, including the mouse/keyboard choice for the player that I'd forgotten to make before. I also did a good job (I think) on the Pre Level screen, and it's almost done! About 20 mins or so tomorrow will hammer that out :)

The DOWN side is that I didn't get the intro level done, I didn't get the post-intro level screen done and I didn't get the Anti-Bullying Club started either... However, with the classroom image that I made today, those things will be quite a bit easier to do!

I bought myself a reward for the end of the week if I think I do well enough, we'll see if I can still earn it after today ;)

Here's the majority of the work I did today, visually!

This screen was already almost done, but I did add the ability to choose mouse or keyboard controls (although for now it will only be keyboard for the game until it's all done; I'll add the mouse controls in later)
This screen I put together entirely today, and the classroom is a large part of the game. It is used for the pre-intro level, the intro level, the Anti-Bullying Club and two of the main levels as well.

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