Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10th, 2012 To Dos and Results of October 9th

Yesterday (Tuesday) I ended up resting a good portion of the day because my brain just wasn't properly working at all... Which isn't such a big deal when it comes to the artwork, but for the coding I was working on it was certainly no good! It's day three and I'm now 9.75 hours behind... But with a fresh, rested mind I should be able to get a lot done! We'll see! Goal is to be no more than 5 hours behind by the end of the week, and Friday is just "music/SFX" so I have that day as well. Regardless, by next Friday I should be able to really get this game done!

Today's goals (you'll see they're literally impossible, but I included them all for easier tracking of seeing how much is left afterward). There are almost 18 hours worth of work here! 

======= BEHIND TWO DAYS!!!!! =======
12:15     Create the intro level. (1 hr)
1:45       Create the post-intro-level screen (special for the intro screen, since it leads to the ABC for the first time and has multiple helped critters). (1.5 hr)
======= BEHIND ONE DAY!!!!! =======
3:45     Create the graphics for the ABC and set it up (2 hrs)
4:45     Once the art is done, set up a tutorial to show off what can be done in the ABC and describe it. (1 hr)
5:00     Each critter should be set there, but the ones who aren't helped yet should be set to invisible. (.25 hr)
6:00     Allow the player to click on or bump up to the saved critters and view their info. (1 hr)
7:00     Allow the player to go "out the door" by clicking it or bumping up to it. This should bring up the popup that displays the level select screen, which also needs to be created (1 hr)
9:00     The genius chess player in the classroom (2 hrs)
======= TODAY!!!!! =======
12:00   The wheelchair-ridden girl in the mall (3 hrs)
2:00     The purple critter in the lunchroom (2 hrs)
4:00     The Critter Crushing champion in the Critter Crushing fields. (2 hrs)
6:00     The learning-disabled critter at the whiteboard (whatever classrooms use now) (2 hrs) - START (only do an hour!)

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