Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ludum Dare 24 Theme Voting: Round 2

Here's my voting on round two!

Castles are awesome, but I voted them down because I don't want to try to draw one, let alone more than one :P

Loneliness and Companion are both fun topics that would really let a person play with the art value in games...

The Impossible is kind of redundant, since a good game in 48 hours pretty much IS THE IMPOSSIBLE!

Some of the others could be fun or could be really rough... We'll see in a few days!

Today's question: Which of these themes would you most want to make a game about? If you aren't a "real" game maker, just think up a fun idea around it. Everyone is a game designer to some extent, be it video games, board games, party games, mind games... Life is just one big minigame collection!

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