Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ludum Dare 24 Theme Voting: Round 1

So, Ludum Dare 24's voting started today... I've decided to track my votes, both to see which of them actually make it to the final round as well as to easily remember them all later. I think it would be a fun exercise to come up with a fun game concept around each theme; something that may not actually be doable at all, just something fun...

For example:

Kittens Concept: You are King Reginald III, kitty extraordinaire, who is beloved by his humans... So much so that he becomes a huge, lazy, rotund cat, hardly able to do anything for himself. One day, the humans decide to go on vacation. The person who comes to cat-sit is as lazy as Reginald, and dares to call him "little Reggie". You'll have to learn to move around on your own (rolling even!), climb, get food and regain your rightly-royal status as ruler of the house!

My question to you is this: what silly game idea can YOU come up with? Comment it below the blog! Let's get a whole bunch going!

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