Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year and 2010 Recap

So, a new year has begun, and I'm rededicating myself to making games, losing weight and writing about it all!

First things first... Happy new year to you!!! It sure is for me, since New Years Day fell on a Saturday, I received a 2 day weekend, which is just unheard of where I work (with the exception of last week, since Christmas was a Saturday also). It's perfect timing too, since it gives me a chance to kick all of this off.

Secondly, here's a rundown of how everything went last year, and my goals for this year:

1) I made a total of $988.44 last year from video games! This year? $10,000, 10 times that (well, 10.117 times that, rounding off a bit, if you want to get technical). I'll be using MochiAds, Adsense, Newgrounds Ads on their site, Kongregate's revenue sharing and sponsorships, as well as referrals and Zazzle selling (those items still need to be put up for sale, by the way!)

2) I am down a total of 97.5 lbs thus far (started originally at 316, and I am currently at 218.5). My first major goal has always been 180, and I think that's majorly doable this year!

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