Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MDW is almost ready to test!

Today Angel wrote out pretty much the entire 10 questions for one of the quizzes and got it done for me while I coded some light effects and messed with typos and the like. We came up with the idea to add pronunciations to the game as well to let people see how the word is supposed to be said. All that's left is to test it out and MAYBE some sound effects... If not, might even get those done while the game is being looked at by others; and speaking of, the game will be ready for test tomorrow (Jan 12th) in the evening, so if you're interested in helping please let me know!

I am hoping to also get a good start on Random Fu! tomorrow, maybe even throw a little test of that one around? It's a very simplistic game based on using a Press Your Luck-ian battle system.

It was still a fun day in all though, at least to me, and I hope Angel enjoyed it as well. She made up some great foods for us to try, including a really low calorie ranch dip of her own invention! And we even had some time to play a couple games of Scene It for 360 (she ANNIHILATED me the second time, beyond what either of us has won by before...). It was a great day for encouragement!

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