Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sponsorship Attempts for The Critterville Halloween Catastrophe

So, the game was completed a few days ago, and I submitted it to FlashGameLicense.com to see if I can get a sponsor for it. I haven't quite made my $100 from Mochi yet, which means I haven't become a "professional" developer yet... Having a boost beforehand would be nice! But it seems that the sponsorship cycle takes weeks, if not months, and I gave myself 5 days, oops! But it makes for a great lesson learned.

I also submitted the game to several different websites for possible sponsorship, and found at least once that really seems to be mostly about kids, or at least a big focus on it, which excites me to know I'm not the only one aiming that way a bit :)

Anyway, I've been away from this blog for a while, and I plan on getting back to it. Sponsor or not, I'm very proud of finishing the game. Ariel did an amazing job with the art, and finishing one game (which was essentially 3 games) in two weeks is awesome!

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