Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello again everybody! I swear, every time I type "hello everybody", all I can think is...

Anyway, it's been a while since I blogged! In fact, I went back and checked and I haven't even posted anything about successfully finishing the Kickstarter! I'll keep all of this as short and entertaining as possible, I promise.

The Adventures of Rubberkid - Success!

The Adventures of Rubberkid ended up at $896 including Paypal contributions! Backers will receive all of their goodies by February (some of the digital things will come sooner, as they're completed, please be patient!). I will also be writing up a postmortem on it, and planned on doing it early in the year, but we've been fighting sickness since the year rolled over...

Also, you can still contribute any time between now and when the game is complete with Paypal and the stretch goals are still on the table!

New Year Goals

I've created a spreadsheet that covers all of my goals for the year, and this year I'll really be going over them thoroughly. Some of those things are a "To be list", and while it's short thus far, here are my "to be"s:

  • To be more efficient and successful with newsletters.
  • To use social media more, while remaining entertaining and on topic.
  • To become less reliant on caffeine!
  • To reflect upon myself more throughout the year through blogging and journaling.
  • To be more transparent in my development where possible.
I think the last couple are the most important to mention, because that's what the whole point of this blog is. I really want to give as much information as possible to anyone who would be interested in it, or is looking to become a game developer. 

There's also the One Game a Month challenge that McFunkypants is running! I very much plan on succeeding at making at least one game every month this year! 

Other goals include weight loss (I gained pretty much everything I lost, and I'm aiming at getting it back off!), becoming profitable with game development enough to self-sustain, growing my social media strength (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Klout score), gain newsletter subscribers, get additional visitors, etc. Probably very similar to anyone who's overweight and runs an online business of any sort :)

When Asteroids Attack! - New Low Price

I've reduced the "original", not-on-sale price of When Asteroids Attack to $4.99 (from $9.99). Part of that transparency bit - the game isn't moving very well at all, so perhaps lowering the price will help. On CD, the game is now $11.99 (from $19.99), and that includes shipping, although it's available only in the continental U.S.

Happy New Year!!!!

See, that wasn't too painful, was it? You survived! Congrats! Here's to a super awesome year for everyone! 

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