Monday, January 14, 2013

Hangman: Memorable Media Development

Because I'm still sick and having focus issues, as well as because I know I won't get Rubberkid completely done before the end of January, I've decided to work on a hangman game for now. It should be done, at the very latest, by the end of this week. It takes a couple days to have the ads added and such, so you can expect to play it by the 21st (barring any major issues!) I'm editing my hangman game into a more enjoyable experience by adding unlockable topics, ensuring that the same phrase is never played twice by the same player and changing the fonts up.

Today wasn't too bad... I managed to edit the framework to remove the ability to choose a topic (the game will always do the "mix em all up"), added saving (so that the player can come back any time and keep their topics unlocked), added the "don't play the same phrase more than once ever" and managed to do all of that without ruining all of the code due to my focus issues!

What's left? I need to add the topics screen, add the little popups that show what topics were unlocked per round (I really want to make it so that the player never goes more than 2 or 3 rounds without unlocking something) and then the actual topics/phrases/hints/facts for each.


  1. Get a list of all of the topics to unlock. Some of these will fall under the same "topic"; example: "video game characters" might be the topic, but different sub-topics may be unlocked, such as "Final Fantasy Characters", "Legend of Zelda Characters", etc. This way, when playing the game, it isn't super obvious what the topic is, but it gives the player lots of fun stuff to look forward to unlocking. 
  2. Figure out what order they'll be unlocked in.
  3. Set up the "Topics" screen. This includes the little icons for each and the descriptions of how to unlock each.
  4. Create the phrase lists. Phrase/hint/fact required for each. At LEAST 15 per topic, many more in some.
  5. Create the code to display when a round ends to check for new unlocked topics and letting the player see they've unlocked it. Also need to add the Save Game function to this code.
Steps 1-3 I should be able to do tomorrow, leaving Wednesday and Thursday for step 4. Steps 5&6 should be Friday goals, and then I'm all set!!! And, in case you think I'm missing a step... No, the game won't have audio :)

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