Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rubberkid is 74% Funded!!!

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't really had much to blog about. The last week (since I wrote last) has been ALL promoting. Promoting to game news/reviews sites, promoting to libraries, promoting to local news, promoting on Facebook and Twitter, etc. I did also spend a good part of yesterday learning about other Kickstarters and coming up with "immediate rewards" for the campaign that people receive within 24 hours of contributing instead of having to wait til the end (a download of one of my games - The Critterville Christmas Store - and two printable pages, one of which is also a coloring page).

But last night, things REALLY took off. Here's a chart for you, actually, via Kickstarter.

BOOM! And remember that the last dot, the 19th, is today. And it's 11am :) So SWEETNESS!!!!

I'm not 100% sure what happened these last few days to really make it happen. The "immediate rewards" weren't it, I really don't think, and there was absolutely no new news coverage that I'm aware of in that time. I did, however, share it with the Games for Change Facebook group and a few different IGDA groups (IGDA Chicago - where I'm from, and it's about 2 horus away - and IGDA Indianapolis, in the same state as me and about 2.5 hours away). Both groups were SUPER supportive, and I received contributions from numerous people in each. Some have been so supportive that they've shared it with other people too!

Kickstarter (I think? Maybe it was IndieGogo) did say before, too, that it takes a person an average of six times hearing about it before they'll contribute. Perhaps a lot of people just hit that 6th time mark ;)

Regardless of what the reasons are, I am ecstatic!!! People have been incredibly supportive all along, from the very beginning! The only difference is that now I can breathe a bit easier, and the stretch goals are becoming quite possible too! :)

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