Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Goal Results and July Goals

Anything in life worth doing is worth tracking! I just began doing it myself last month a bit, and so I'll list my own goals for this month, as well as the results of my goals from the previous month.


1) To drop to 265 lbs, 12 lbs total for the month.
SUCCESS!!! Only by weighing in today, however... Ended up at 265.8, whew!

2) To finish TruHangman up once and for all.
FAIL! Whoops... June heat + a laptop that doubles as a heater = someone who wants to spend as little time as possible around it! But I'm back in full force now again, so don't you worry!


1) Hit 250 lbs. That's the lightest I've been in years and years! It'd be 15 lbs down but it'd sure be awesome to be there again. Shoot high, right?

2) GET TRUHANGMAN DONE. Seriously! It's a hangman game, it should be done by now, and I have much more awesome games I want to get done! Along with this goal would be...

3) Get TruWordHunt at least to testing stage. This way August can be lined up with super secret project of awesomeness #1.

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