Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So first off, welcome if you're reading this, although you wouldn't see this if you weren't here reading it... Or would you???

I'm a flash game developer as a hobby and that's what this is mainly about. Flash, you know, those funny videos and awesome games put right into web pages? Well not ALL of them, but a lot of those are made with Flash, and nothing is as much fun (or sometimes as frustrating) as getting those things made, from the first ideas and "OH YEAH!!! That sounds awesome! What about..." to debugging til 3am because you can't figure out why the heck something shouldn't work the way you think it should and finding out it's because you misspelled something or forgot a period or dash or equals sign... It's a love/hate relationship I'd never give up!

But also, I work 50 hours a week, and am fighting losing weight. I'll be honest, no shame, I was up to nearly 320 at my highest, and am now back down to the 260s. The greatest weight loss site in the world ( is a lot of the cause of that, and it doesn't hurt that tracking numbers is a guilty pleasure anyway :)

The OTHER main aid in my loss is my fiancee Angel (her name, not her nickname, although she does also happen to be my Angel, literally that is, but not in an anti-feminism, men-better-than-women way because I totally know she works just as hard as me, if not harder, by doing laundry and cleaning and stuff! Women rock!). Anyway, she has been a huge help through her own weight loss efforts and our weekly competition to see who kicked the other's butt at losing more. Love ya baby!!!

Finally, last but not least, I also do poetry. Yeah, poetry, that stuff that sometimes has meter and/or rhythm and/or rhyme to it, and sometimes is just a whole bunch of passionate words thrown together? Well mine lean more toward the silly side, but usually do rhyme and stuff. You can check all those out at my profile on It's not unmanly to write poems!

Okay I lied, one more major facet... METAL!!! Along with the geekiness (in a good way!) of coding and a love of numbers, and poetry, and losing weight... comes METAL!!! I LOVE heavy music! Now for those with kids (since my games are all very kid friendly and very kid inviting even), I do not necessarily suggest you share these with them... And kiddies, I'm not saying you should listen to metal, all music has some goodness to it :) But for me, it's Lamb of God, Pantera, Static-X, Fear Factory, All that Remains through to the lighter as well... Breaking Benjamin is one of my faves, that kind of thing.

So that's me! This also shows off my long windedness :) Nice to know ya!

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